Thursday, August 7, 2014

Get your community aware of outreach programs

Outreach programs are meant to raise awareness among minorities and hard to reach communities about basic life skills, medical facilities and other resources. Some of the important work that outreach programs do is:

Offering medical help

Many communities are unaware of the medical help available to them. Good outreach programs help communities understand the need for medical health checkups and use many resources to help raise awareness. They conduct meetings and organize discussions as well as more complicated programs like setting up free medical camps to help these communities. They address all kinds of problems from teen pregnancy, AIDS to drugs and alcoholism.

Raising awareness in the youth

The young men and women of a community are the future, and need to be aware of the resources available to them. As the new generation gets educated, the quality of life for their children will get better. Many outreach programs concentrate on reaching out to youngsters and helping qualify themselves, as well as help them in finding employment. This decreases a lot of social issues that pervade these communities and help them make a change for the better.
These are just a couple of important issues among many others that outreach programs do.

How do you ensure that your outreach program is helpful?

A good outreach program helps people help themselves. By offering charity and donation, all that is being done is giving people what they need without them having to do anything for it. Outreach programs do not believe in that. They believe in helping communities learn to fend for themselves, and help them start improving the quality of their lives. To this end, these programs should try and involve the members of the community. Some of the more effective outreach programs execute some of the below tips when conducting outreach programs.

Ask for volunteers

By making the people of the community volunteer to be part of the program, you will be increasing their sense of responsibility. By interacting with other volunteers, they will gain real insights into the program’s purpose, and this will help them trust the program and want to participate in the other activities that the outreach program offers. By making them a part of the program, word spreads through the community about the help being offered.
Activities for children
Parents all over the world love their children and want a better life for them. By having programs that involve and educate children, you will find that there is more participation from the community members. When the activity is free and is fun, you will find more people bringing their children and participating in the programs.

Medical camps

Though they may be a bit wary of this in the beginning, most community members will soon start visiting medical camps regularly. Most of these communities may not have seen a doctor or visited a medical facility even once in their lives. If your outreach program is linked to a medical facility where they can get free medical help, it would make a big difference in their lives.

Youth education

Have your youth activities in school campuses on holidays. Most teenagers are looking for something to do on the day off, and by having activities on holidays it would help keep them occupied. They may drop by the program centers to check it out, but if the activities are interesting enough, some will stay.
The most important rules of outreach programs are consistency, patience and commitment. It may be a difficult job and sometimes downright frustrating, but remember that if you make a difference in even one life it is all worth it.