Monday, December 23, 2013

Common causes for asthma

Asthma is an inflammatory illness that affects many people. It can affect anybody, but the reasons that it affects people, vary. Some people have asthma when they are children and it disappears once they are older. For others, it manifests later in life. There is no particular reason for why it is triggered and when it will manifest. When someone has an attack, their airways get inflamed and clogged with mucus making it difficult to breathe.

Some reasons why asthma attacks happen


Many people are prone to allergies. But this doesn’t mean that everyone who is prone to allergy become asthma sufferers. But studies have shown that people who are prone to allergies, are more prone to bouts of wheezing. This is called an allergic asthma attack. It is important to figure out what the patient is allergic to. It could be certain kinds of pollen from flowers or weeds. It could be due to certain smells. Some people are allergic to types of food.


Asthma can be hereditary. Many families have a history of asthma and it may manifest at some point in their lives. The strength of the wheezing spell can vary. For some, it can be a light wheeze while others may actually have to be hospitalized due to a bad bout.


Studies have shown that cold weather is a trigger for asthma in many people. They are perfectly fine all through summer and autumn, but the first hint of the cold, and the wheezing starts. This can continue well into spring.


Many people get an asthmatic attack as a reaction to stress. They get a wheeze if their stress levels go up. It could be due to the fact that as stress increases, the body releases hormones and adrenaline and this may trigger an asthma attack.


Obesity has been linked with asthma. The reason could be that a person who is obese, gets short of breath, when doing any kind of hard work, and this may result in a wheezing spell that may lead to full blown asthma.

Sinusitis and respiratory infections 

Some people suffer from sinusitis and other kinds of respiratory infections. These illnesses produce mucus that clogs the airways and this might, if not treated, trigger asthmatic attacks.

Help for asthma sufferers 

There has been a lot of advancement in providing help for people who suffer from this illness. For those who have wheezing spells once in a while, there is an inhaler with a drug that frees the clogged airways from mucus. A small puff of this inhaler is enough, to help relieve the wheeze.

For chronic asthma sufferers, there are nebulizers that helps clear their breathing tubes. Earlier, this was only available in hospitals and when a bad asthmatic bout occurs, one would have to rush to the hospital. But now there are compact smaller units available that can be used at home. Doing breathing exercises and yoga has been found to help patients who suffer from this illness.

If you suffer from asthma, you should try and find out what the trigger for your asthma is. If it is caused by outside influences, you should take care to avoid them. If it is triggered by something you cannot control, you should see your doctor and figure how best to control the illness. It is also important to educate your loved ones on what to do if you get a spell of wheezing. Sometimes if you get a bad attack, you may not be able to help yourself and they need to know how to help you.

By taking a bit of care you can be in control over your asthmatic attacks.


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