Wednesday, November 27, 2013

How does acupuncture help relieve pain?

To understand how acupuncture helps relieve pain, one must understand what acupuncture is. It has been used by people of Asian descent for centuries. Over the last few decades it has gained popularity in our country because of the relief that it brings without side effects. It is an alternative form of treatment invented by the Chinese. It is based on the concept that the energy or life force of a person flows through their body in channels which are referred to as meridians.


This energy that flows through the body is referred to as “Qi”. This is pronounced “Chee”. When the Qi or life force is not flowing normally through the meridians of the body, the force gets disrupted giving rise to various problems. Practitioners of this complementary form of medicine believe that with acupuncture the nerves of the body can be stimulated causing a reversal and bringing the Qi back to normal.

What methods are used in acupuncture? 

Practitioners of acupuncture use fine needles that are inserted at various pressure points throughout the body. These points will differ from person to person as the point where the needle is inserted depends on the nature of the complaint, and the body type of the person among other factors. The patient will only feel a pin prick as the needle is inserted because the width of the needle is extremely thin. The practitioner also has to be very experienced to make sure that the needles are inserted efficiently and effectively.

What kind of illnesses does acupuncture cure? 

Acupuncture is used in a variety of illnesses and is gaining popularity and followers at a rapid speed. This is because acupuncture provides pain relief, and a cure for other illnesses and maladies without any side effects. Let’s take a look at some of the afflictions that acupuncture can provide relief for.


Acupuncture has been so effective in providing relief for people who suffer from chronic back pain that the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) recommends acupuncture as a treatment option. This is based on research and scientific evidence. It also provides relief for other kinds of joint pains. The kind of treatment that you are given will depend on which part of your body needs pain relief.


People who have suffered debilitating migraines have found a lot of relief after starting acupuncture treatment. Studies have shown that the insertion of the needles in certain parts of the head stimulates the nerves and helps rid a person of migraines.

Chronic obesity 

There has been quite a large percentage of success for chronically obese people who have lost a lot of weight after starting acupuncture. It is also used in obesity related diseases like diabetes, heart problems, hypertension and cholesterol and those who have used it have shown dramatic improvement.


There have been cases where people with cancer have gone into remission after acupuncture. It is very useful for people who are terminally ill with cancer to help relieve the pain that they are undergoing.


Many folks with mental disorders have found relief after undergoing an acupuncture treatment. Obviously, mental disorders originate in the brain. By using needles to stimulate the nerves in the brain, practitioners are able to help people deal with all kinds of mental illnesses.
There are those who scoff at acupuncture and call it quack medicine. But there are enough cases and enough proof to show that acupuncture is a safe and reliable treatment for many illnesses. It is important though, to find an acupuncturist who is well known, recommended and experienced.


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