Monday, February 3, 2014

Ways to Stay Motivated

  1. Surround yourself with positive people that support the healthy lifestyle changes that you are making.
  1. Write down what you eat in your Keeping Track Book, in a notepad, or in a phone application that helps you keep track. Examples of popular ones are: “MyFitnessPal,” “Lose It!,” and “FatSecret.” Research shows that people who track what they eat are more successful at losing weight.
  1. Cook twice as much for dinner so you have lunch for tomorrow or dinner for another day.
  1. Cut fruits and vegetables the night before to have them ready for you to enjoy when you are looking for a snack.
  1. It’s okay to have a slip up.  It’s best to learn from it, talk back to negative thoughts and to try again.  Don’t let a slip up make you say “I messed up so the whole day is ruined; I can eat whatever I want now.”  Keep trying and be patient because  Lifestyle changes take time.
  1. If you’re going Out for Dinner Check the menu ahead of time and go in with a plan – or – share an entrĂ©e with someone and order an individual garden salad on the side.
  1. When serving yourself at home, a work potluck or family party - Start by serving half of your plate with a garden salad or green non-starchy vegetables.  Secondly, serve your plate with lean protein.  Lastly, fill in the rest of your plate with small portions of other sides.  Do not deprive yourself; just have less/smaller portions of high fat, high sugary, high processed foods.
  1. Practice mindful eating.  Eat slowly, chew slowly, put your fork down once and awhile, enjoy every bite.  People are used to eating so fast.  When people gulp down their food they can eat very fast and not feel full.  As you practice mindful eating regularly, you realize that you don’t need as much food. 
  1. Learn to manage stress.  Stress is the perception that we do not have power.  In fact, you do have power.  The power is in how your respond to stress.  Step back, take a deep breath, ask yourself, “Am I really in danger?”  Then, evaluate ways to problem solve and ways to relax (ie. Going for a walk, going to the gym, reading a novel).
  1. Always stay active!  This is 1 of the keys to weight loss, maintaining weight loss and in living a healthy, long life.  Park far at the grocery store, walk on your lunch breaks, watch less TV or be active while you watch TV, take your family on a walk after dinner, set-up a regular gym time with a friend, and most importantly have fun! Every step counts.  Every step you take is a step towards bettering your health, wellness and in disease prevention.
By Monica Mireles, Diabetes Prevention Program Supervisor, IHC CWO Department 

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