Thursday, May 22, 2014

Counseling for pregnant women

Being pregnant and feeling a life grow within you is one of the most beautiful experiences to have for a woman. But, it is also a period of change and adapting, and having some help along the way is useful. There are three trimesters during a pregnancy, each bringing with it, new experiences, hormonal changes, and body changes. Going to a counselor during a pregnancy will help you and your partner understand, adapt and enjoy the joy of pregnancy.
Counseling through the first trimester 

During the first trimester there are many sudden changes to the body.
  • The shape of your body changes and the loss of control over the increasing weight gain and resulting change can upset many women.
  •  There are hormonal changes leading to mood swings and personality changes. There may be a tendency to be more aggressive or in others it could lead to depression.
  •  The first trimester is when you may have nausea and fatigue. If you don’t understand that these changes are normal, you may get stressed.
  •  As a couple, the changes to his partner may affect the way the man feels about  his partner and this in turn may add to the stress in the pregnant woman.

A counselor can advice you on the changes that you can expect during the first trimester. They can help explain behavioral changes. They can also counsel the couple and help the man understand that his partner needs his understanding and love more than ever at this time. If there is any problem at this point of the pregnancy physically to the baby or to you, the help of a counselor will be invaluable.
Counseling during the second trimester
The second trimester is usually more peaceful than the first. Your body has adapted to the changes, and for most people the nausea and fatigue disappear. In fact, they may have an increased energy level. Partners also get used to the changes and it is a time of loving and sharing the anticipation of the arrival of a baby. Some people have anxiety issues during this time. They sometimes feel they have bitten off more than they can chew. This is the time that the movements of the baby can be felt. The reality of impending parenthood can send some people into a panic.
Being in touch with your counselor can alleviate the feelings of anxiety. Talking about what upsets you or your partner could help ease tension. The less stress a pregnant woman is under, the better for the baby. The counselor would advise you to start classes to help with the birth of the baby. They will be able to advise you on the various options available for birthing, and help you choose one that is suitable for you.
Counseling during the third trimester
Quite often panic sets in during the third trimester, as the due date approaches. At this time, there are again hormonal changes in the body, as the body gets ready to have the baby. Many women get scared as the ninth month comes around about the birthing process, and the pain that they may have to go through. A counselor can be a great comfort at this time. Many counselors will have support groups where you can hear from new mothers on what to expect and all the choices that you have to ease the pain of birthing. This helps al lot in easing stress.
Counseling during and after pregnancy can help you and your partner enjoy the experience of impending parenthood and enjoy the joy that a new baby will bring to your lives.

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