Monday, June 9, 2014

Tips for a healthy summer

Summer is a time for fun and games. But it is also a time where people need to be extra careful about their health with regards to the sun, and their eating and drinking habits. There must be a slight change in your lifestyle during summer. People tend to take care of themselves more in the winter while they tend to think that summer is a healthy season and don’t take enough precautions. These precautions will help keep you and your family healthy and enjoy the summer break. Here are a few tips to stay healthy this summer:
1.    Hydrate
Water is a must for summer. Drink plenty of water and keep yourself well hydrated. The body loses a lot of fluid because we sweat during the summer season. Many people do not realize that they are dehydrated. Dehydration can cause dizziness, nausea and can lead to other problems.
2.    Drink wisely
Hydrate with water. Hydrating does not include other types of liquids. Keep high calorie liquids like soda, milk, alcohol and juices to a minimum. It may taste good, it may make you feel fresh and it is fine to have a glass or two now and then, but do not replace water with other beverages.
3.    Eat a lot of fresh fruits and salads
Summer is the time when most fruits are in season and there is a reason why. It is healthy for you. So make a lot of healthy salads. Cold salads are great on a hot summer day.
4.    Use sunscreen
Sunscreen is not solely to be used if you are spending a day at the beach. During summer, it is advisable to use sunscreen whenever you go out. It protects your skin.
5.    Ventilate your home
Many people have centrally air conditioned homes and stay indoors in their cool homes, the whole day. But unfortunately, the air in the home can get stale, if not ventilated well. Make sure to either have fans to ventilate your home, or leave the doors and windows open early in the morning, to dispel the stale air.
6.    Exercise with care
If you are into fitness, make sure that you do your workout either in the early mornings or late evenings, when the weather has cooled down. Hydrate well when exercising.

Summer is a time to enjoy yourself so don’t hold back. Have fun but make sure that you are being careful in the process.

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